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You notice that your toilet bowl is bubbling. That is quite unusual. It doesn’t look like soap foam either. It’s not overflowing when you flush it, but you’re still skeptical what the issue is and if there is something wrong with your commode. Toilets often show different unusual signs to signal a problem, and bubbling is one of them. The team here at Vern’s Plumbing is ready to help!

Why Does A Toilet Gurgle?

When your throne is burbling, this often means that there is an issue with the drain line that connects to your sewer. This often means you’re dealing with a drain clog. Homeowners throughout the Culpeper area deal with plumbing issues throughout the year – our team is ready to get your pipes running as they should!

When the water in your toilet won’t go down quickly enough, air pockets can form behind the drain blockage. When these air pockets form in the drain, they travel back up the drain line which results in the bubbling you see in your toilet. This is often accompanied by gurgling sounds.

How To Keep Your Water Closet Whisper Quiet

We have established that lavatory noises are often caused by pipe blockages. Sometimes it’s not as simple as using an everyday toilet plunger to clear a clog. Sounds pretty frustrating, right? Don’t despair! The Vern’s team is equipped to help.

Fixing a bubbling toilet is a routine plumbing procedure. Try these three techniques at home to see if the problem can be solved before calling plumbers in Culpeper for your toilet repair.

Seal Drains Before Plunging Toilet

Try sealing off nearby drains in your bathroom including the sink, tub and shower. Most drains in your bathroom are part of the same pipe system. This will make sure pressure does not escape from the other drains when you plunge your toilet. After sealing the areas, try to dislodge the clog in your toilet with a plunger by doing 10 to 15 firm pumping motions. Also, make sure you’re using the correct kind of accordion style plunger.

If your toilet doesn’t bubble or gargle anymore after this, great! If it still does, consider the other steps below.

Use A Sewer Snake To Unclog The Drain

A sewer snake can often remove stubborn clogs your plunger can’t handle. This involves using an auger to reach into the drain so you can manually remove the clog to open up the drain line.

If the clog is deep, you may need more specialized equipment. You can use a motorized model of a sewer snake that can reach up to 50 feet or rent a drain cleaner. Some of this more advanced equipment may require you to remove the toilet from its base – so you might need to be skilled in toilet repair to do this.

Check The Vent Stack

Negative pressure in your pipes could be caused by a blocked vent stack. Several drains in your home could connect to your vent stack, so clearing it from leaves, nesting materials and other debris can help alleviate your bubbling toilet. Although, this process involves getting on the roof to check, so do not attempt this unless you are experienced. Otherwise, reach out to a professional team to snake this line.

Know When It’s Time To Call For Professional Bathroom Plumbing

If these methods didn’t work, or you’re not experienced enough to try them, the best bet is to call a Culpeper toilet repair professional. At Vern’s Plumbing, our plumbers are happy to help with any of your bathroom plumbing needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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