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Backflow Testing and Replacement

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Backflow Testing & Replacement

While your plumbing system is designed to be safe and operate correctly, it’s not above malfunctions. That’s why additions to your plumbing system can increase the safety of your home’s water from pollutants and changes in your plumbing system or the municipal water system! Backflow prevention is one of these additions that could give your home an extra shield against water contaminants. 

Vern’s Plumbing wants to ensure that our customers maintain the healthiest household possible. Installing a backflow preventer can significantly reduce your chances of water contamination and ensure that changes in the water systems around your home don’t affect your life. If you’d like more information, keep reading or give us a call!

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is simply when the water in your plumbing system reverses — or is pushed — and flows backward into the plumbing instead of out. Backflow can be caused by many things, and it can cause contaminants to reenter your plumbing systems that aren’t supposed to be compromised. 

There are two kinds of backflow that can occur: back-pressure and back-siphonage. If pressure downstream of the water changes, water may be forced to flow in the opposite direction. This is back-pressure backflow. If a sudden pressure drop nearby occurs, wastewater could be sucked back into the freshwater plumbing system, introducing pollutants into drinking water. This is back-siphonage backflow.

Back-siphonage can occur because of something simple like the nearby use of a fire hydrant or a municipal water line break that alters the pressure below your water system. Back-pressure can occur if there’s a leak or break in pressure in your sewer lines that reduces pressure above the freshwater line level.

Backflow Preventer Installation

The team at Vern’s never wants your family to be put at risk of polluted water if we can help you avoid it! Backflow preventers can make sure that changes in pressure don’t allow your pipes to be compromised. There are several kinds of backflow preventers, ranging in purpose and design. 

backflow preventer

One of our plumbers at Vern’s is the best way to find out which of the preventers will serve your home the best. Here are some of the options we would consider:

  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies
  • Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Assemblies
  • Double-Check Valve (DCV) Assemblies

If you need a backflow preventer installed, trust a professional plumbing company to do the job right. You want to know without a shadow of a doubt that your plumbing is protected from wastewater and pesticides!

Do I Need A Backflow Preventer?

If you’ve lived in your home for years or if you’re just purchasing a home in Culpeper, you may be wondering if you need a backflow preventer. The good news is the team at Vern’s can run water tests on your plumbing and water to determine if you’re dealing with backflow issues. 

Remember that backflow can certainly affect your health, but it can also affect your pipes’ condition. Extended exposure to chemicals or waste that those pipes are not designed to transport could damage your piping! If you want to schedule backflow testing, let our team know so that we can get you answers right away!

Trust Vern’s With Your Backflow Preventer

Vern’s is all about our customers. We put you and your family first every time because that’s the kind of service we want in our own homes. You can expect honesty and transparency throughout every plumbing service and the highest quality workmanship in Culpeper.

If you’re even slightly worried about your water quality, have our team out for backflow testing. If nothing else is wrong, at least you’ll have peace of mind. If you already have a backflow preventer, make sure you have it evaluated periodically to ensure it can defend your home during water pressure changes. If you need backflow services, you can trust Vern’s. Call us today!

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