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Culpeper Plumbing & Sewer Camera Inspections

The majority of your plumbing is hidden. From a network of pipes in your walls to the lines running underground, your plumbing systems can be exceedingly difficult to assess — even for the pros! Luckily, technology has advanced to allow us to be more precise and have more knowledge about your plumbing problems.

Vern’s Plumbing wants the best for Culpeper, and that means the very best plumbing technology. Our team uses camera inspections to get a clear, first-hand look at your plumbing problems, even when they’re underground or inside a pipe. Gone are the days of excavating your yard just to look at a pipe’s condition. Now, we can get eyes on the corrosion, deterioration, crack, clog or other repair plaguing your home before recommending the best solution.

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How Do Camera Inspections Work?

If you’re wondering how we cram a Canon camera into a 3-inch pipe, we don’t! Our team uses specialized cameras to get into all the tiny, flexible areas inside your pipes. An inspection camera is about as big as the end of a hose. It’s attached to a flexible, wire-like hose that can move and turn with the pipes. 

When our plumbers arrive at your home, they’ll look for an access point to use for the camera. If you have sewer cleanouts, this is a prime entry point for a sewer inspection. For other pipes, the team will make a tiny hole with minimal disruption to the home. They can then feed the camera into the system, sending the camera into the pipes in question.

Next, the technicians will watch a screen at ground level that displays the camera footage in real-time. They can move the camera around inside the pipes to look at concerns about deterioration or to determine the material your pipes are made of. They might also use this tactic to find a tough clog stuck in your pipes!

Once we have an accurate idea of what’s going on, we can give you an honest and precise plan of action to fix your problem!

Benefits Of Camera Inspection

Camera inspections are one of the most important tools that we have at our disposal. They help our team do our jobs better, but they also bring our Culpeper homeowners many benefits:

  • Non-Invasive — Instead of digging up pipes to see what’s wrong, what they’re made of or even to clear a clog, we can access your plumbing through a tiny hole. The lack of excavation and major construction to access your pipes is game-changing.
  • Saves Time — Imagine how long you might have to wait for your pipes to be dug up to finally find out what’s wrong with them! Our camera inspection happens in a few hours!
  • Save Money — The less we have to do to find your plumbing problem and fix it, the less money comes out of your wallet. We always do what’s best for our customers, and this is a big advantage, for sure!
  • Informative — In the case that you’re just looking for information about your plumbing, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. We can tell you the material your pipes are made of, their age, condition and even their location beneath the ground!

Schedule Your Camera Inspection Today!

No matter what your plumbing problem is, it can be extremely useful to get eyes on the problem before taking any action. Especially inside your drain and sewer lines, you don’t want to waste guessing when you could know for certain which repair is needed. Trust our team at Vern’s Plumbing to perform your camera inspection with precision and get the information needed to make a decision about your plumbing. Call us today to schedule your inspection!

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