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We don't take risks with your safety or your gas line services.
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Gas Piping Services

There are a lot of small plumbing services that we offer to Culpeper that make homeowners’ lives easier and more efficient. However, when we talk about gas line services, our number one priority is safety. 

Vern’s Plumbing is family-owned and local, so we take your home’s gas lines seriously — just like we would our own. There’s no room for error when it comes to your family’s safety and health. When you’re facing a gas line repair or replacement, you need a team with the experience to take care of the process thoroughly. Let us give you peace of mind that your gas lines are transporting and supplying gas to your home the way they’re supposed to.

Detecting A Gas Leak

*If you suspect you have a gas leak, leave your home immediately. Do NOT use electronic devices until you’re outside, then call 911 and your gas company.*

Our gas line services team at Vern’s does everything possible to set up your gas piping system safely, but leaks and cracks happen. We want you to be as prepared as possible to face a gas leak without harm coming to your family. Although natural gas is colorless and odorless, manufacturers insert an odorant into the gas, giving homeowners a better chance of noticing when a leak is occurring. If you smell rotten eggs, this is a good sign you have a leak. Some other signs to watch out for are:

  • Hissing sounds
  • Air bubbling in puddles around your home
  • Indoor or outdoor plants dying unexpectedly
  • High gas bills

If you can spot these symptoms, the gas needs to be turned off to your home as soon as possible. If you can do so safely, you should. Otherwise, call a gas services provider quickly. If you don’t catch these initial signs, you might begin to notice some symptoms occurring in your body next:

  • Headaches, dizziness and fatigue
  • Trouble breathing
  • Nausea
  • Confusion or loss of concentration

Natural gas poisoning will cause these symptoms to become severe, even leading to loss of consciousness or suffocation. This is why being aware and alert for signs of a gas leak is so important. Don’t let a simple unidentified gas leak repair be the difference between a normal day and a tragedy.

gas leak detection

Protect Your Home From Gas Leaks

The number one tool to use as your first shield against gas poisoning is a natural gas detector or a carbon monoxide detector. These devices can sense much smaller amounts of natural gas or CO2, alerting you that there’s a problem before the threat to your health is severe. Make sure you have detectors installed around your home if you use any gas appliances. 

Never rely ONLY on devices though. They can break, malfunction or fail to work, which is why staying ahead of your gas line health and alert to gas leaks is still highly important.

The next thing you should keep up to date with is your regular gas line maintenance. It may seem strange to have your gas piping serviced when nothing appears to be wrong, but these appointments are prime times for our experts to identify repairs that can lead to dangerous leaks. If you replace or repair your gas pipes when they show signs of deterioration, you significantly reduce the risk of leaks in and around your home.

Let Vern’s Help You

Your gas services aren’t a joke, and we know how much is at risk when it comes to your home and family. Vern’s Plumbing is committed to your safety and satisfaction, so you can be sure we’ll complete your gas line services with focus. But that doesn’t mean we won’t share a laugh or two with you while the job gets done! Trust Vern’s to do the job right and never cut corners. Call us today to make an appointment!

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