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Owning a home is a rewarding experience but maintaining a home takes work. A huge part of maintaining your home includes keeping your drains cleaned. If you're a homeowner, make drain cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, from Vern’s Plumbing a priority.

Importance of Drain Cleaning

To begin with, getting drain cleaning services in Fredericksburg, VA, will improve the lifespan of your drains. This is because regular drain cleanings will minimize the damage done to your drains over time.

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Along with this, if you have a clogged drain in Fredericksburg, VA, a drain cleaning will reduce the amount of clogs in your pipes, which results in faster drainage. If you have any odors as a result of a clogged drain, a drain cleaning will remove these odors as well. Even more, investing in a drain cleaning is important because it reduces the risk of facing larger issues with your drains that can become costly.


Common Causes of Clogs

Clogs can be annoying for homeowners. If you have a clog in one of your drains, be sure to contact a plumber in Fredericksburg, VA, from Vern’s Plumbing. Here are some of the common causes of clogs that homeowners should consider.

Hair - Hair sheds everyday, and unfortunately, this can get caught in the drain. Clogs from hair buildup are often seen in places such as the shower, laundry, bathtub, and laundry drains.

Grease & Oil - These two things should never be poured down your drain. This is because grease and oil solidify when cooled. If grease and oil constantly get stuck in your pipes, it will eventually create a blockage. We may consider drain jetting in Fredericksburg, VA, to help unclog your drains.

Food Waste - Food is another contributor to clogged drains in the kitchen sink. Sometimes food particles are too large and cannot be broken down, eventually leading to clogs. Certain foods to watch out for are teal leaves and coffee grounds.

We Offer Drain Cleaning Services

If you're ready to consider drain cleaning services for your home, take a look at a few options that are available to homeowners.

Hydro Jetting - This is a great option for homeowners who are faced with serious clogs. This process is a safe alternative to traditional drain cleaning methods that involves high-pressure blasts of water to clean the interior of your pipes.

Drain Augering - Drain augering in Fredericksburg, VA, is another great option for homeowners. With this service, our plumber will use a drain auger to reach down into the pipes and remove a clog. This is a nice step above a household plunger that does a great job of removing stubborn clogs.

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