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Our Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services in Culpeper, VA, and Nearby Areas

Faucet Installation

Vern's Plumbing offers both residential and commercial services to our neighbors in Culpeper, Virginia, and surrounding communities. We are a family-owned and -operated business that's been serving our friends and neighbors for over 30 years.

Residential Services

You rely on clean water coming into your home and wastewater exiting. You depend on your water heater to keep the hot water flowing. When the plumbing system in your home isn't doing its job properly, you need a reliable plumber in Culpeper, VA, and nearby areas to fix the problem.

Vern's Plumbing has been the trusted name for residential plumbing in this part of Virginia since 1988. We offer a full range of plumbing services, such as:

  • Drain Cleaning and Repair - Clogs and other obstructions in the drain slows down the wastewater flowing away. Drain cleaning in Culpeper, VA, and other areas we serve ensures your home stays dry and safe.
  • Water Piping and Repair - A burst pipe or a leaky joint can cause damage and promote mold growth. We handle all aspects of water piping and repair.
  • Fixture Repair and Replacement - Fixing a fixture is our preference when parts are readily available. If not, we carry a full line of high-quality fixtures for replacement.
  • Water Quality Services - We offer a free water test and can make recommendations on which water filtration system works best for you and your family.
  • Well Equipment Installation and Service - We can keep your well pump in good repair or replace it if needed. We service, install, and repair all types of well equipment.
  • Sump Pumps, Gas Lines, and More - Our team can handle any plumbing need you might have. Give us a call and let's find the perfect solution.

Commercial Services

Commercial and industrial plumbing needs are different from residential. The commercial team here at Vern's Plumbing know those differences. They have the expertise and experience to do everything from fixing a leaky faucet to redesigning your entire drainage system.

We offer a wide range of commercial plumbing services in Culpeper, VA, and the neighboring areas, such as:

  • Ground-Up Plumbing Services - We design, install, service, and repair plumbing systems in businesses of all sizes.
  • New Construction - If you're putting up a new building, get our team involved early to ensure a smooth installation.
  • Remodeling - Giving new life to an existing building often means giving it updated plumbing. Let our team help design and install your renovated plumbing system.
  • Service - Keeping your industrial and commercial plumbing in good condition protect your business and employees. Let us be your plumbing service partner.
  • Piping - Supply pipes, drain pipes, well pipes, and gas lines are just a few of the piping projects we can install and service.
  • Fixture Installation, Repair, and Replacement - When you need commercial or industrial fixture repair services in Culpeper, VA, and nearby areas give us a call.
Gas Line Repair

Contact Our Team Today

Reach out to Vern's Plumbing today for all your residential or commercial plumbing needs in the local area. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment with our top local plumbers. We serve clients in:

  • Town of Warrenton, VA
  • Orange, VA
  • Rappahannock, VA
  • Madison, VA
  • Stafford, VA
  • Fauquier, VA
  • Loudoun, VA

Drain Cleaning & Repair

Our technicians can handle any type of clogged sanitary line or fixture within or outside the home. We can repair or replace any sanitary line from cast iron, galvanized, ABS or PVC.


Our technicians specialize in whole home re-pipe’s for homes suffering from polybutylene piping (Quest Pipe) to the newest most efficient water piping systems available today.

Fixture Repair & Replacement

Our technicians strive to provide the convenience of repair over replacement provided that the part(s) are available, and fixture can in fact be repaired; Our goal is to provide our customers with as many options as are available to you.


Your home is unique, as such not every filtration system may be right for your home or family. Which is why we provide a free water test to determine the perfect filtration system for your needs prior to any recommendation or installation.

We can install or service anything from your pump to your water system tank. Submersible Well Pumps, Jet Pumps, Water system tanks / Holding Tank / Pressure tank. New installation and Repairs on your well system.

Service or new installation of Sump pumps, laundry drain pumps, sewage ejector pumps and booster pumps w/ affiliated systems. We also specialize in gas piping and repairs and much more.

Let Us Take Care of Your Plumbing Project

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To begin discussing the specifics of your inspection, repair, or installation project, talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable estimators. Get in touch with us today!