Effects of a clogged drain

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A clogged drain is something no homeowner or landlord wants to deal with. In the course of providing top-notch services, we at Vern’s Plumbing have come across homeowners who have ignored their clogged drains. Clogged drains can lead to adverse effects when ignored. Let us cover some of the adverse effects of a clogged drain.

Unpleasant Odors

Drains play an essential role in the plumbing system as this is where everything, from food particles, gunk, waste, and other particles, is flushed. Over time, these materials accumulate, causing bacteria and other harmful pathogens to form; these bacteria can cause a smelly odor. These unpleasant smells can then travel to other parts of the home, making it uncomfortable. To get rid of the clog, you can consider getting a drain cleaning company to get the job done.

Water Contamination

Waste build-up in your drains increases the risk of water contamination. The water becomes contaminated since it has to pass through the waste and accumulated bacteria. Too much waste can also cause a backflow which can easily contaminate your water. You may want to consider drain jetting to clear the clogged drains.

Pest Infestation

As stated before, many things are flushed down the drains, some of which may be considered food or breeding sites by certain pests. Ignoring a clogged drain can attract rodents and insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, drain flies, and phorid flies. With drain augering, you can prevent this build-up, effectively destroying a breeding ground for pests.

Structural Damage

Ignoring your clogged drains can cause backflow, which in turn, could soak up your home’s foundation. Over time, this could damage or weaken the foundation. This may be an opportune time to get a plumber from our team to clean your drains. This way, you can prevent flooding, which can also damage your flooring. Aside from providing conventional plumbing services, we at Vern Plumbing also offer drain cleaning services. 

As one of the leading service providers of drain cleaning in Gainesville, VA, we encourage our clients to monitor their drains constantly. In case of a drain, contact our plumbers, who are on call 24/7. You may also fill out the contact form.

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