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Jayne L. ★★★★★ Vern’s Plumbing, along with Tech Christian and Customer Support Jessica are simply the best! Easy to make appointments online. Always professional, responsible and respectful. My go to plumbing company.A.W. A. ★★★★★ Carlos from Vern's Pluming was quick and professional -- got everything squared away and replaced with a minimum of fuss. Very satisfied!Karen S. ★★★★★ Prompt, professional and Chris is a great ambassador for the company. We look forward to working with Vern's and Chris in the future.Jennifer R. ★★★★★ Everyone I have spoken to, or interacted with, has been courteous and helpful. The technician arrived on time and was very effiecient in fixing my issue. Highly recommend Vern's Plumbing.Sami S. ★★★★★ Chris was prompt , efficient and friendly. He found the issue quickly and ordered the parts to fix it.Jenna Y. ★★★★★ He did very good with toilet and was very patient with me and the rates were great the co.bined it with the ....diagnosis fee which made it non existing.also was very kind respectful person.MB D. ★★★★★ Vern’s Plumbing was quick and professional from start to finish! I needed to change my dryer from gas to electric. Called, got an appointment for the next morning. Chris the technician was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. He even gave some suggestions on my water softener! This was certainly one of the better if not best work someone has done to make my move easy. Thank you Chris and Vern’s Plumbing!decode parker R. ★★★★★ I have had many, many experiences with Vern's Plumbing over the years and have only good things to share! Every single person on this team has been amazing. Our location has a variety of plumbing issues and Vern's has been our hero. They always make time for us, their prices are more than fair, their work is always complete when they leave, assessments and solutions are accurate, they involve you in the entire process showing you all their work and their client service from the minute you call them until the invoice is finalized is outstanding! These are the friendliest, kindest and most professional plumbing team I have ever worked with. Big shout out today for CHRISTIAN who not only promptly fixed our sink but had a smile on his face the entire time. Great work ethic Christian, thank you! Also, I want to give thanks to the great team who is so helpful and friendly on the phone - Reese and Jessica! Thank you all for your kindness and hard work!Update - Yet again, Vern's comes to our rescue! Thank you team, especially MATT, for responding so quickly to our broken hot water heater! The estimate was way lower than we expected and includes everything we need, even a lift to get the unit out of our ceiling. Thanks guys!!Ace S. ★★★★★ The gentleman was polite and very understanding he came out quickly and solved the problem Thank you Caroljs_loader

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Christopher  W.
Christopher W. Checked in
Cleared partial kitchen blockage in unit 114 where the blockage was occurring. Unit 214 and 314 is right above unit 114 so when unit 114 has a blockage it’s gonna reflect the two units above because it’s tied into the same line. Sent k50 sewer cable 80ft down the line with no issues, sinks are draining as they as at this time with no issues. Tenants need to STOP dumping grease down the kitchen lines, if they do they need to follow to it up with some cold water and dawn soap. Would be real cool I’d they could just stop dumping grease. Spoke with Pearl over the over the phone and have her an update on the situation. Emailed a separate estimate for us to return to jet our the kitchen line is unit 114 and re-pipe underneath the kitchen sink is unit 114. Sent copy of todays invoice/estimates to Pearls email. **Verns plumbing DOES NOT warranty any sewer blockages**
Warrenton, VA 20186
Matthew W.
Matthew W. Checked in
PO VERNS20240412DB Using high pressured water to attempt to clear obstruction from drain piping in ground. Hydro jet the line and Got it open and put the camera to inspect the line and ice was inside the pipe flush alot of water to melt the ice and got alot melt line is open for now the freezer is -20 degree The ice was in front of the blue door
Manassas, VA 20109
Carlos P.
Carlos P. Checked in
Hydro jet ,Camera and snake two clean out inside the building also hydro jet the outlet of the grease intercepted and put two new down pipe
Fairfax, VA 22033
Nathan K.
Nathan K. Checked in
Replaced section of broken cpvc line behind wall in basement, after allowing some time for the glue to dry and set, restored water to the home and searched for any remaining leaks, could hear a spraying sound within the wall, removed section of drywall to expose 1/2” copper tee that was leaking, removed tile and cut out bad section of pipe to press new copper in its place. Restored water for a second time and continued to search for any leaks or signs of a leak
Marshall, VA 20115
Liam M.
Liam M. Checked in
Inspected 80 gallon electric water heater in two-story home with three full bathrooms. Water heater was manufactured in 2010 and installed in the summer of 2011. Unit has small leaks, visible from element housing. Also inspected manufacture, date of rc water softener, which appears to be around the same age as it was manufactured in 2011 and most likely installed around the same time as the water heater. This is a city softener unit which the homeowners have been keeping up to date on salt. Provided estimates to install a 50 gallon electric water heater, an 80 gallon, electric water heater, and a tank booster. Also provide an estimate for main water line. Office to follow up on Monday morning to receive approval and schedule work per homeowner’s availability.
Bealeton, VA 22712
Super job!! Can’t believe he did it so fast. I have been putting it off for twenty years
Michael antosh - Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22553
Vern’s Plumbing and Christian are just the best! Professional, respectful, responsive. 5 Stars!⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jayne - Haymarket, VA 20169
Chris L came out to assess some issues we had and he started breaking down everything that was going on. Calm and well mannered, very good experience.
Ricardo - Fredericksburg, VA 22405
Liam was a very knowledgeable and prompt technician.
Dan - Warrenton, VA 20187
He was kind and explained the installation process well to make it easy to understand
Young - Haymarket, VA 20169
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