Issues that affect plumbing fixtures

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If you’re a homeowner, having a basic working understanding of how to care for your property and its critical operating systems is essential to keep these very systems running smoothly. That is, of course, until a complex issue that requires professional attention comes along. The good news is that Vern’s Plumbing has a wealth of expertise when it comes to providing household plumbing fixture installation. 

We’d like to pass along some information on various plumbing issues that could benefit from our fixture repair in Gainesville, VA.

Faulty Installation

Any plumbing fixture won’t work as expected if it’s incorrectly installed, and that’s why our personnel pay close attention to detail when we carry out even routine installation work involving bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures. We also take care to use the proper fittings and connectors and to always have the right tools on hand for every job.

Mineral Buildup

If you have hard water flowing through your taps and faucets at home, your plumbing fixtures can be prone to mineral buildup. This is because hard water contains high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. At first, mineral buildup can cause filminess and discoloration, but they can eventually accumulate to the point that the kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures fail completely. 

Wear and Tear

Even plumbing fixtures made of top-grade materials will gradually wear out and would need fixture repair services after years of daily use. Gaskets, washers, moving parts, and connection points are the most common trouble spots when a fixture malfunctions or stops working due to age.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Paying little to no attention to the upkeep of your plumbing fixtures, or attempting to handle this undertaking on a do-it-yourself basis, are additional contributors to household plumbing problems. Unless you’re a trained plumber yourself, it’s best to leave important repair and maintenance matters in the hands of an experienced professional.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Vern’s Plumbing today.

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