Common plumbing questions

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Some of the minor plumbing issues may go unnoticed until they become a significant concern. Unfortunately, by the time they do show up, they would have already intensively damaged your plumbing system. When you come across any plumbing problem, it’s important to stay calm, no matter how disastrous it might be.

We hope that the following answers to commonly asked questions, as outlined by Vern’s Plumbing, your preferred plumber in Gainesville, VA, will equip you to better deal with your plumbing concerns.

Can I use chemical drain cleaners?

Most drain cleaners have warning labels at the back of the container or package. When you read carefully, you will find out that most of them can be toxic, and it is not advisable to use them, especially when you have kids or pets around. Moreover, these drain cleaners contain chemicals that can corrode your pipes from the inside. If you really must use a drain cleaner, be sure to consult a trusted plumbing company for their recommendations.

How do I know my plumbing system needs repairs?

There are a few things that can indicate the need for plumbing repairs. Keep an eye out for water bills that are steadily increasing, water pressure that fluctuates, water heater that’s constantly malfunctioning, varying water levels in your toilets, and an increased dampness on the ceilings and walls. When you notice one or two of these things, know that it’s time to call a professional to repair your plumbing system.

Is it advisable to tackle plumbing issues myself?

The short answer is no. While some problems may seem simple and easy to solve, you may end up making matters worse when you attempt to fix them yourself. To save your money and time, engage a professional for all your plumbing concerns. You can reach out to our experts at Vern’s Plumbing. We provide the best plumbing services in the region.

For more information, contact Vern’s Plumbing and get answers to all your plumbing challenges. If you need plumbing installation and repairs, consider our experts at Vern’s Plumbing because they can handle clogs, leaks, and other maintenance services. Give us a call today!

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