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Over time, you may find that your plumbing fixtures have problems. This is inevitable for all homes, but you can have a plumber in Fredericksburg, VA, from Vern’s Plumbing conduct the necessary repairs. There are a few main causes of fixture issues that are important to know.

Dripping Faucets

Issues with your faucets can cost you a lot of money in your water bills if they are not addressed in a timely manner. They are also one of the most common problems with plumbing fixtures. Fixture repair in Fredericksburg, VA, can help. Usually, faucet drips are caused by corrosion, worn-out washer or O-rings, or even improper installation of the faucet.

Leaky Pipes

When your pipes regularly leak, it may seem like a small, annoying issue, but it can worsen in time. Often, leaks are caused by damage to the pipe or pipe joint, cracks in the pipes or seals, bad clogs or even very high water pressure. Our expertise in different fixture repair services can restore things to normal.

Low Water Pressure

Dealing with low water pressure is a plumbing fixture problem that is often attributed to corrosion of the pipes or a clog in the drain or sewer line. A plumber from our team can check the plumbing fixture or fixtures affected and restore normal water pressure.

Continuously Running Toilet

It is a huge problem if you have a toilet that is constantly running. Not only is it an annoyance, but it can also cause your water bills to skyrocket. Usually, this plumbing fixture issue occurs when there’s a problem with the flapper chain or seals, flush valves, or even a corroded toilet handle. As your toilet is one of the most essential bathroom plumbing fixtures, you need a professional to fix this problem.

Clogged Drains

Kitchen plumbing fixtures, particularly the sink, can experience clogged drains. This is especially true of your sink as food residue and grease can get down the drain, harden and cause a particularly bad clog.

For effective plumbing repairs in your home, contact Vern’s Plumbing today. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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