Outdoor plumbing services

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At Vern’s Plumbing, our professional plumbers have the skills and experience to precisely diagnose and fix any issues concerning your outdoor plumbing. Whether you intend to add an extra water line or have a malfunctioning sprinkler system — we are your reliable plumber in Gainesville, VA.

Our experienced local team can assist you with a variety of outdoor plumbing services, including:

1. Hose Bib Maintenance

Having a leaky outdoor hose bib might seem like a minor issue that can be overlooked, but over time, leaks can lead to costly damage to your home, particularly to the foundation. We offer thorough hose bib inspection, maintenance, and repair services which can help prevent further water damage. Get in touch with us at the first sign of hose bib problems and we’ll provide prompt and efficient plumbing repairs.

2. Outdoor Faucets

These faucets are typically put into use during summer when you need to fill up the pool, clean your outdoor furniture, or water grass in your backyard. If your outdoor faucets become faulty, it can cause inconveniences that can dampen your summer plans and activities. 

3. Outdoor Sinks

Your home’s outdoor kitchen or entertainment sections with an outdoor sink offer convenience as it eliminates the need for your guests to enter the house just to wash their hands. Vern’s Plumbing is the plumbing company to count on when these parts of your outdoor plumbing are encountering issues.

4. Sprinkler Systems

Installing an outdoor sprinkler to aid you in watering grass is an excellent way to maintain your backyard without all the hassle. However, during winter, the water flowing in your sprinkler pipes can freeze, leading to the pipes bursting. Fortunately, our team can help fix the issue before it gets out of hand.

Vern’s Plumbing is one of the reputable outdoor plumbing contractors you can trust to fix all your outdoor plumbing needs. Contact us today to benefit from our outdoor plumbing expertise.

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