Summer plumbing checklist

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With summer in full swing, the last thing anyone would want to think about is their plumbing. However, summer is also a time when plumbing issues such as blocked drains or an overflowing toilet are likely to crop up. If you haven’t yet called in a plumber in Culpeper, VA, for professional inspection and maintenance, it’s not too late to do so. 

Our professional plumbing services here at Vern’s Plumbing ensure that your plumbing system is performing optimally, especially during this season when you’re more likely to shower more often. We offer this plumbing maintenance checklist that we think can be very helpful this summer.

Professional Inspection

A professional plumbing inspection can help identify potential problems before they develop into major issues that might even warrant emergency plumbing repairs.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Summer is usually the time of the year when guests, get-togethers, and cookouts seem to be endless. These activities can put a strain on your drains and can result in clogs, especially in your kitchen drains. Multiple clogs in your house might put you in an embarrassing situation when you have visitors over.

Thorough cleaning of the sewer lines is, therefore, crucial to clear out even the most stubborn clogs. Get in touch with our plumbing company so we can help get those drains working again.

Inspect the Toilet

With everyone home during this time, the increased usage of the baths and toilets could lead to leaks, which could in turn increase your monthly water expenses by up to 10%. To confirm if you have a leaking toilet, one of the things you can do is to add a little food coloring into the tank. If you don’t flush but still spot some color inside the toilet bowl, you need to call a plumber.

Need help ticking things off this checklist? Contact Vern’s Plumbing and let us put our expertise to work for you.

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