What you shouldn’t put down your drain

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, and you’re left with fond memories of delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. But, there’s a not-so-pleasant aftermath to deal with – a sink full of dirty dishes. You start scraping plates and tossing leftovers down the disposal, thinking, “What harm could it do?” Well, my friend, you’re about to find out. We’ll explore the common culprits that lead to post-Thanksgiving drain disasters and how to avoid them.

The Thanksgiving Leftovers Mishap

Let’s dive into the “do nots” of post-Thanksgiving drain etiquette.

1. Grease and Cooking Oil

After roasting a turkey or frying up some golden, crispy delights, you’re often left with a pot or pan full of grease or cooking oil. It might be tempting to pour it down the drain while it’s still hot – but don’t.

Solution: Let the grease or oil cool, then scrape it into a container and dispose of it in the trash. You can also consider recycling used cooking oil at local recycling centers.

2. Turkey Bones

Bones are not the best friends of your garbage disposal or your plumbing. They’re hard and can easily jam the disposal’s blades or create blockages in your pipes.

Solution: Dispose of bones in the trash. If you have a compost pile, they can go there too, but avoid flushing them down the drain.

3. Potato Peels

Potato peels may seem harmless, but when they gather in your pipes, they can be trouble. They can combine with other food scraps and create a starchy, sticky paste that clogs your plumbing.

Solution: Toss potato peels in the trash or use them for composting. Keep your drains free from starchy substances.

4. Leftover Gravy

Gravy is a tasty addition to any Thanksgiving meal, but it doesn’t belong in your plumbing. Its thick, oily consistency can easily clog pipes.

Solution: Pour leftover gravy into a container and dispose of it in the trash. If you have small amounts of gravy, dilute them with water before draining to reduce the risk of clogs.

5. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce might be delicious, but it’s notorious for causing issues in your plumbing. The gel-like consistency can congeal and create blockages.

Solution: Scrape any remaining cranberry sauce into the trash. Be cautious not to let it go down the drain.

6. Coffee Grounds

The post-Thanksgiving meal cleanup often includes plenty of coffee consumption. But don’t let those coffee grounds find their way into your sink.

Solution: Dispose of coffee grounds in the trash or add them to your compost pile. Don’t let them sneak into your plumbing.

7. Eggshells

Eggshells seem innocuous, but they can also create clogs. When ground up, they can form a gritty residue that accumulates in your pipes.

Solution: Dispose of eggshells in the trash. They can also be used as a beneficial addition to your compost.

How to Avoid a Post-Thanksgiving Plumbing Nightmare

Now that you know what not to put down your drain, here are some tips to ensure a smooth post-Thanksgiving cleanup:

  • Use a strainer: Place a strainer in your kitchen sink to catch any food scraps that may accidentally go down the drain.
  • Scrape dishes: Scrape plates into the trash before rinsing them in the sink. This removes most food remnants.
  • Run hot water: After using your disposal, run hot water for a few minutes to help clear any remaining particles.
  • Compost: Consider starting a compost pile for organic food scraps. This not only helps the environment but also reduces the strain on your plumbing.

When All Else Fails: Drain Clog Services in Warrenton

Despite your best efforts, if you find yourself facing a stubborn drain clog, don’t panic. In Warrenton, you have a trusted ally – Vern’s Plumbing. They specialize in drain clog services and have the expertise to tackle even the toughest post-Thanksgiving plumbing problems.

Vern’s Plumbing understands the unique plumbing challenges in the Warrenton area and can swiftly come to your rescue. Whether it’s a clogged sink or a backed-up dishwasher, they have the solutions to get your plumbing back in working order.

In case you find yourself in this post-Thanksgiving plumbing predicament, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Vern’s Plumbing. They’ll come to your rescue with top-notch drain clog services, ensuring that your post-Thanksgiving cleanup remains hassle-free. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your plumbing be trouble-free!

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