Strange plumbing noises

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Strange noises in your pipes got you looking for a plumber in Fredericksburg, VA? Vern’s Plumbing is a trusted company in the area, and we’re here to help you get to the bottom of these strange plumbing noises. Read on to learn whether the noises you’re hearing are normal or a cause for concern.

Gurgling Noises

This is a relatively common plumbing noise. If heard from a single drain after use, there might be a simple clog that is easily resolved. However, if this gurgling noise can be heard in multiple areas of the home, it’s time to call a trusted plumbing company. This can be indicative of damage in the main water line.

Banging Noises

Water hammers are a common source of banging noises in plumbing. When water pressure builds, a burst of water is released into the system. This can make pipes shake. They may happen out of the blue and can startle you, but those banging noises are mostly harmless. However, if water hammers occur frequently, it can hasten the wear and tear of your plumbing, and can even burst the pipes in some cases.

Dripping Noises

Plumbing repairs may be in order if you hear a continuous dripping noise. This indicates a leak somewhere and needs plumbing repairs before the damage spreads. Don’t ignore these dripping noises. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with water damage, higher water bills, and low water pressure.

Rattling Noises

This noise is less common and a cause for concern. When pipes are old or damaged, they can rattle with use. If these damaged pipes are left to fester and prompt plumbing services aren’t provided, the damage can quickly spread and worsen. This can eventually translate into leaks and water damage.

If you hear, see, or smell anything that makes you suspect that you’ve got a plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Vern’s Plumbing.

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