Drain augers

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There are a variety of drain augers that can be employed by providers of drain cleaning services to clear a clog in a sink or toilet and restore normal water flow back to your drains. Drain augers, sometimes known as snakes, can be utilized to unblock a clogged drain and are the preferred and more efficient alternative to chemical drain cleaners and plungers that even amateurs can use.

At Vern’s Plumbing, we specialize in drain cleaning in Gainesville, VA. Our team has over 30 years of experience and has the required equipment to effectively handle leaks, clogs, and other maintenance issues. Below are some of the types of drain augers that we typically use when we deal with clogged drains.

Power Drain Augers

Power augers have built-in motors connected to a power drill. These drills, like manually cranked augers, feed a cable down into the clogged drain but are simpler to use. Also, they spin the cable significantly quicker, resulting in a more efficient means of eliminating difficult pipe clogs.

Toilet Augers

A drain auger is specifically designed to unblock clogged toilet bowls. Toilet bowl augers can be electric augers linked to a power drill, or they can be manual cable augers which are hand-cranked as the name implies. The toilet closet auger is probably the most versatile auger type available.

Flat Tape Augers

They are identical to drain or cable augers; however, they use a flat cable instead of a flexible hose. A spear point tip on some flat tape augers pushes an obstruction through the pipe rather than removing it.

Rocket Nozzle Auger

Professional plumbers or commercial applications employ rocket nozzle augers to carry out drain jetting. This drain augering tool works by introducing a tube into the blockage-prone fixture’s drain pipe. Highly pressurized water is sprayed through the tube to clear the blockage.

Manual Drain or Cable Augers

it’s a corkscrew that a plumber physically rotates to drive the cable drill’s opposite end into the obstruction. The plumber then reverses the action to remove the obstruction and complete the drain augering task.

Contact Vern’s Plumbing today and let us help address your drain cleaning needs.

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