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Tips For Choosing A Water Softener

Size is important for water heaters. On either end of the spectrum, you could face soaring energy bills or not enough hot water. Neither option here is good, because you want something cost-efficient and life-efficient, too!

Each home is different, so Vern’s Plumbing experts are here to help clear up the confusion. With our guide, you can make the right choice for your home’s water heater. 

Types Of Water Heaters

A water heater warms the water you use every time you wash your hands, do laundry and cook. But there are a few different styles of water heaters you need to be aware of before we talk about sizing.

Each style will have benefits and downsides, but choosing the right system for your home will make an enormous difference in your daily life.

Tankless Water Heater

This type of water heater is a modern system, giving it a higher up-front cost, but they are powerful and energy-efficient. Instead of using a reservoir for preheated water, tankless water heaters warm up water when you need it! Gone are the days of waiting for the tank to fill with hot water after someone else takes a bath because you will have hot water on demand. 

Storage Tank Water Heater

Storage tank heaters are traditional in their design, making them common in most households. They heat the water using either electricity or gas, and then the water is stored in an insulated tank until it’s used. The cost for storage tank heaters is usually pretty low, and they work well for larger houses.

There is a price difference in heating type, because electric is a little cheaper up front. However, most people find that gas heating styles cost less to operate each month. 

Solar Water Heater

Solar heaters are pretty similar to storage tank heaters, the main difference lies in their energy source. Solar heaters consist of a storage tank and a solar energy panel to power the heating component. Then, you can choose from an active system that uses circulating pumps, or a passive system that does not use pumps. 

Each of these styles has different ways of determining size. For tankless heaters, you need to find the temperature rise and flow rate that is compatible with your home. For solar heaters, only professionals can properly determine the size your home will need. 

What Size Water Heater Tank Does My Home Need?

If you’ve chosen a tank-based water heater for your home, it’s time to figure out the size you need.

Generally, one-person households only need a 30 gallon tank. From there, add about 10 gallons for each extra person in your household. If there are 5 people under one roof, you will need at least a 50-gallon water heater tank.

If you’re wondering how many gallons your current water heater can hold, check the manufacturer’s label! It should be on the side of the tank. This can give you an idea of whether you need to size up or down for your next water heater. 

What If My Home Has The Wrong Size Water Heater Tank?

If your water heater is too large, you could waste energy and money. Because tanks are filled with hot water before use, you may be filling up too big of a tank unnecessarily. 

Small water heaters can also be problematic. Here, you may experience a very short hot water supply. If it seems like you never have enough hot water in your shower, this may be why. 

Water Heater Replacement

Now that you know about your options for water heaters, are you ready to make a replacement? Vern’s Plumbing can help you with water heater installation! Our expert plumbers can help you choose and size the right water heater for your home, so give us a call!

Culpeper Water Heater Installation

When you’re ready to install that perfect water heater, you can trust Vern’s Plumbing. Our dedicated team has the expertise and equipment to make sure that your new heater fits right in. 

We love providing high-quality plumbing services to Culpeper homeowners because we value community connections. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer satisfaction with our professional plumbing services. As a company you can trust, you know we will always work quickly and carefully to fix and install it all!

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