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Scheduling a drain cleaning service regularly is essential. A plumber from Vern’s Plumbing can make sure that your drains are clean and clear of debris so your drain system can function flawlessly. Here is what to expect when you schedule a drain cleaning service with our team:

Questions Asked and Answered

The first thing that happens when you schedule a drain cleaning in Gainesville, VA is that the plumber will ask you questions about your plumbing system’s history. They will probably also ask if you’ve ever had these services before. Generally, the technician would want a better idea about your plumbing as well as the age of your pipes. Older homes may have older pipes, which allows the plumber to make suggestions and adjustments for the service.

Preparing for the Work

The plumber prepares for the job ahead of doing the actual work. The plumbing specialists will make an assessment of which technique to use and prepare all of the equipment they need for tackling your clogged drain. Additionally, the crew will put down drop cloth canvases and other protective items that can keep the area around your drains protected.

Cleaning Your Drains

One of the most commonly used methods for cleaning your drains involves drain jetting. The plumber uses a special tool to emit high-pressure water through the drain to flush out all the debris causing the clog. Once done, they run hot water through the pipes to finish the job.

In some cases, the technician may rely on drain augering instead, using a professional-grade snake to loosen a clog directly from your pipes.

Check the Work

Finally, the plumber will check the work they’ve done. They will test all of the plumbing fixtures that were addressed and run the faucets to be certain that everything is working normally again.

Vern’s Plumbing can perform expert drain cleaning services whenever you require them. Our team can make sure that your drains will not experience recurring clog issues, as well. We offer prompt and effective solutions to all drain concerns, as we have more than 30 years of industry experience.

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