When should I use drain jetting

drain jetting

Drain jetting, also known as hydro jetting, is one of the methods of drain cleaning in Gainesville, VA that our team here at Vern’s Plumbing offers. Jetting is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of any clog that’s blocking your drain pipes. And while this approach to drain cleaning has a high success rate, hydro jetting has its appropriate applications.

When you choose to work with Vern’s Plumbing, our drain technician will handle the assessment of your pipes, such as the type of materials used, as well as the root cause of the clog. Our team will then be able to determine which drain cleaning services are best suited for the situation at hand. As such, there are certain instances of drain clogs that are best dealt with via drain jetting.

It’s important to note that drain jetting can only address issues related to clogs and won’t be able to fix underlying issues such as broken, damaged, corroded, or collapsed pipes.

Our drain cleaning company can, however, help you get rid of clogs that are due to or caused by the following reasons.

In Case of Recurring Clogs

Hydro jetting effectively clears fat, grease, and a build-up of household waste stuck inside the pipework. While drain augering can be used to eliminate clogs, it can leave residue that gradually escalates into serious blockages. On the other hand, hydro jetting clears stubborn clogs without leaving scale buildup.

In Case of a Tree Root Invasion

When you’ve got a clogged drain, debris buildup is the culprit that usually comes to mind. However, the clog can also be caused by tree root infiltration. Jetting can break up tree roots to restore the flow and functionality of the drain pipes.

Regardless of the nature of the clog, a crucial thing to remember is to only trust a professional plumber for the job to ensure optimal results.

Want to know more about drain jetting and how it can resolve clogs? Contact Vern’s Plumbing today!

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