Extend the service life of bathroom plumbing fixtures

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Bathroom fixtures may last anywhere from five to fifteen years, but there are ways to extend their service life. Keep some of these tips in mind to reduce or avoid the need for frequent fixture repair in Culpeper, VA.

Clean Often

One way to prolong the life of a plumbing fixture is by cleaning it regularly. Mineral deposits and soap scum can easily accumulate on the surface of a fixture and eventually cause it to wear down or corrode. Planning regular cleaning sessions can be invaluable in ensuring that your fixtures’ remain in good condition.

Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals

Another way to preserve a fixture’s lifespan is by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. Chemicals, such as those found in drain cleaners, can corrode the metal parts of a fixture over time, necessitating more frequent and even untimely fixture repair services.

Keep An Eye Out for Leaks

It is important to keep an eye on any leaks that may occur, since leaking is a common issue that faucets and plumbing fixtures are prone to. A leaky faucet or toilet can cause serious damage to the surrounding area and can also lead to higher water bills. Calling a plumber in Culpeper, VA to fix a leak as soon as it is detected can help extend the life of the fixture.

Use With Care

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures, while designed to withstand constant operation, should still be used with care so they can last longer and give you more years of usage.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Having professionals perform the maintenance can make all the difference. Everything from your kitchen to bathroom plumbing fixtures in Culpeper, VA can be serviced by professionals. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure we tend to your plumbing fixtures’ upkeep. In turn, you can save time and spare yourself from the hassle of having to worry about your fixtures’ performance.

Let Vern’s Plumbing help you extend the lifespan of your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Contact us today.

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