Importance of drain augering

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Our team at Vern’s Plumbing regularly handles emergency calls for drain cleaning in Gainesville, VA. These calls often involve tough clogs that home and business owners can’t remove easily using traditional methods. These types of stubborn clogs often require immediate attention. Otherwise, they’d cause a lot more trouble and a lot more damage to the affected drain system.

While it may present a few challenges, clearing a clogged drain by means of an auger as quickly as possible is important for the following reasons.

Backups and Flooding

We’ve seen our fair share of wastewater drain pipe backups. When wastewater overflows from a sink, toilet, shower or any other drain around the property, unsanitary, disease-carrying sewage can do a number not just on your property, but on your health as well. One of the most efficient ways that a professional plumber clears a clog is by drain augering.

Drain augering is done by rotating a long slender cable through the drain pipes via a handheld crank or electric trigger. Drain augering, when done by a trained professional, is a much faster and safer option for removing hard-to-dislodge clogs.

Property and Pipe Damage

When a clog remains in a drain pipe and the wastewater backflows, the contaminated water can cause major water damage. That said, the clog can also cause damage within the pipe. It can weaken the walls of the pipe or cause corrosion in spots. By scheduling drain cleaning services before any of these scenarios occur, a home or business owner can avoid expensive remediation efforts.

In the event that a drain auger fails to work, a plumber also has other tools available that can clear tough clogs, such as hydro jet equipment. As long as the pipes aren’t deteriorated, a professional can perform drain jetting, which means that they can use highly pressurized water to push the clog out of the pipe and into the sewage disposal system.

When searching for a top drain cleaning company, look no further than Vern’s Plumbing. Our team has all of the knowledge and experience needed to handle a wide variety of drain clog scenarios in quick, safe, and budget-friendly ways.

To find out more about our drain cleaning expertise, contact us today.

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