Plumbing company red flags

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A ten-minute chat with a plumbing company’s customer representatives can’t give you an accurate picture of who they really are. And with the rise of door-to-door plumbers and paid-review services, finding a good plumbing company requires more than checking the sell points. Vern’s Plumbing recommends observing the following red flags before hiring a plumber.

No Certification or Licensing

Plumbing contractors need state licensing and certification to legally complete plumbing projects. Plumbers with no state license might not have the skills and knowledge required by the state licensing board. Ask your plumber in Culpeper, VA to present their licensing number and certifications before proceeding with your plumbing projects. Don’t forget to double-check for legitimacy.

Lots of Unanswered Questions and Negative Reviews

The reputation of a company is built on a solid background of many positive client testimonials and dozens of successfully completed projects. Clients want answers to every question they ask regarding plumbing services they are in need of, so a plumber’s reputation is also dependent on the number of answered client questions. If a plumber has lots of unanswered client questions and negative testimonials without a response from the management, avoid them.

Company Gives Price Quotes First

Accurate plumbing price quotes are built on understanding the project at hand. If a company is too quick to quote a price before they even visit the site to assess your plumbing project, think twice before trusting in them. It’s possible they are the door-to-door type of plumber and may not deliver the reliable plumbing repairs you need.

Be careful not to settle for a plumber that has indicated signs of untrustworthiness. Rather, make sure that you trust only credible plumbing technicians in your area of residence. To get the best quality and affordable plumbing services today, work with our state-licensed, certified, and reputable plumbing technicians at Vern’s Plumbing. We have over 30 years of combined experience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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