Popular kitchen plumbing fixture types

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While kitchen plumbing fixtures are always in use, they’re rarely on top of homeowners’ maintenance list. So when a kitchen remodel is finally next on your agenda, you’d do well to remember to give your kitchen fixtures an upgrade as well. If you’re still not clear on which fixture style to get, Vern’s Plumbing, your trusted company for fixture repair in Gainesville, VA is here to help you. 

In this quick guide, our fixture repair and installation experts showcase three common kitchen faucet styles for you to consider.

The Single Handle Faucet

During the plumbing fixture installation for your kitchen faucet, keep the good ol single handle faucet in mind. Though a bit tricky to get water temperature precisely where you want it to be, this faucet style is simple and timeless. Water pressure is controlled by raising the lever upwards, while temperature is controlled by sliding to the left for hot water and to the right for cold.

The Dual Handle Faucet

More often seen as a bathroom plumbing fixture, a dual handle faucet makes finding the perfect temperature easy and can also work in a kitchen setting. With one tap for cold water and one for hot, this plumbing fixture requires two separate water lines. Requiring a bit more work to install, they’re still a great option for those who want greater temperature control in not just the bathroom, but the kitchen as well.

The Pull Down Faucet

Perhaps one of the most popular of modern kitchen plumbing fixtures, the pull down faucet has a sprayer attachment that pulls straight down into the sink. This makes cleanup of both dishes and your sink quick and easy, plus the look is sleek and attractive. 

Upgrading your kitchen soon? Contact Vern’s Plumbing today and we’ll help you choose the best fixtures.

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